Tough day at the office


Saxmundham2 – 2Woodbridge
1Mike Usher17840 – 1Tim Wesson1774
2Dominic Carter16591 – 0Daniel Such1559
3Matthew Lawes-Wickwar16501 – 0Alan Lewis1554
4Lee Osmon13640 – 1Bernard Ross1291

The U1800 Cup team played host last night to local rivals Woodbridge, ending with a 2-2 draw. On paper we probably had a decent edge, but two early losses (Lee and Mike) had to be clawed back by Matthew and Dominic winning.

Mike’s opponent sprang a killer tactic in the early middle-game, taking advantage of Mike’s King being stuck in the centre in classic style and winning the exchange and a couple of pawns. After that he played accurately to deny Mike any counter-play and closed out the game well.

Lee once again lost in an endgame, this time a Q+P ending where his opponent had an unstoppable passed pawn. Matthew was also in an ending, of the K+P variety, and accurate calculation enabled him to win by one vital tempo in the promotion race. This left Dominic to save the day by bringing home the win after an impressive squeeze led to his opponent collapsing.

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