Sax U1800 team get going


Manningtree 11/2 – 21/2 Saxmundham
1Simon Webber1709 0 – 1Mike Usher1784
2John McAllister16730 – 1Matthew Lawes-Wickwar 1650
3David Welsh15061 – 0Hugo Brown1333
4Adrian Sanderson 1497 1/21/2Lee Osmon1364

The U1800 Cup team had a long, dark, wet trip to Manningtree last night but came away with a 2.5 – 1.5 win. Mathew and Mike won, Lee drew and Hugo lost.

Matthew’s game was tight until his opponent made a slip and he crashed through with a nice mating attack. Mike’s game was essentially over in 15 moves when he trapped his opponent’s Queen, though his opponent played on for a while before throwing in the towel.

Lee and Hugo both got into opposite-coloured Bishop endings, which are notoriously drawn – and so it proved for Lee. Hugo’s game, however, was more unbalanced and his opponent had an advanced passed Pawn which tied Hugo’s King down and eventually he lost on time in a lost position. 

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