Sax B through to Rapidplay final


Saxmundham B41/2 – 31/2 Bury C
1Mike Usher17890 – 1
1/2 1/2
Rowan Kent1511
2Matthew Lawes-Wickwar17000 – 1
1 – 0
Danny Harrison1973
3Hugo Brown15691 – 0 (D)
1 – 0 (D)
Craig Bradshaw1469
4Lee Osmon13641 – 0
0 – 1
George Robinson1313

Saxmundham advanced to the final of the Division 3 Rapidplay Cup last night with a close 4.5 – 3.5 win over Bury C at Benhall. A tough match only went our way due to a default from the visitors.

Matthew and Lee both won one game and lost one, and Mike lost the first game by blundering a piece, and had to settle for a draw in the second when his young opponent defended well to keep him at bay. This meant that it was the two points from the default that saw us through.

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