Sax B win again

Ipswich C1 – 3Saxmundham B
1Piotr Dolewka15280 – 1Mike Usher1762
2Ken Lunn15070 – 1Dominic Carter1657
3Martyn Colebrook14740 – 1Matthew Lawes-Wickwar1300
4Adam Wilson14541 – 0Lee Osmon1383

The B Team continued its winning ways at Ipswich last night, beating Ipswich C 3-1, to get back to top place in Division 3.

Lee unfortunately dropped a piece early in his game and despite fighting on, was forced to resign a little later. Dominic evened things up with a comfortable victory, gaining first a piece, then turning that into a Rook, after which his opponent threw in the towel.

Matthew battled long and hard in his game, but just as things were getting tricky, he was gifted a piece, and his opponent had to resign. On top board, Mike’s opponent played a somewhat passive opening, letting Mike build up a strong positional squeeze. Getting desperate, he lashed out on the kingside, only to find his Queen trapped. He played on but his position collapsed quickly leading to resignation a few moves later.

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