Comfortable win for the A Team

Saxmundham A3 – 1Ipswich B
1Simon Wilks 19171/21/2Simon Riley1732
2Malcolm Lightfoot19041/21/2Les Jones 1721
3John Feavyour18381 – 0Alonso Paez1648
4Sam Gaffney18181 – 0Piotr Dolewka1531

Sax A were back in action last night, hosting Ipswich B at Benhall and romping home to a convincing 3-1 victory. We were much stronger on paper and so it proved in reality, despite a few nervous moments on top board.

John was the first to finish, making short work of his opponent in impressive style. Malcolm followed some time later, having been held to a solid draw in a R+P ending. Simon seemed in trouble on top board, facing a full-on Kingside attack and emerging from it having shed the exchange. However, accurate defence with his nimble Knight convinced his short-of-time opponent to share the point.

Sam was the last to finish. Having built up a strong position, winning two pawns along the way, he had only to engineer a decisive break through to the enemy King to secure victory.

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