We are the Champs!


Bury C1½ – 2½Saxmundham A
1Adam John1922½ – ½Malcolm Lightfoot1881
2James Pack18740 – 1John Feavyour1831
3Steve Lovell18610 – 1Sam Gaffney1837
4Robert Jones16881 – 0Lee Osmon1336

Congratulations to the Sax A Team on a thrilling win over Bury B to clinch the Division 2 Championship, and promotion to Division 1 for next season. Despite not being able to field our strongest team, and being outranked on every board, we still managed to triumph on the night. Wins on Boards 2 & 3 by John and Sam, with Malcolm holding the draw on top Board, made up for Lee’s loss on 4, and sealed a memorable night for the club. Now let’s hope the B Team can match this success!

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