Sax no match for Bury


1Michael Harris23441 – 0Malcolm Lightfoot1892
2Jaden Jermy20761 – 0John Feavyour1844
3Mark LeVine20661/21/2Sam Gaffney1821
4Jan Balogh19951 – 0Mike Usher1784
5John Adam18871 – 0Dominic Carter1659
6Laurie Pott18381 – 0Matthew Lawes-Wickwar1650

Saxmundham travelled to Bury on Thursday evening to take on the County’s biggest club over six boards in the Norfolk and Suffolk Cup. Bury fielded a hugely strong team, with their top board rating getting on for International Master strength and even their Board 6 was rated on a par with our second board.

Not surprisingly Bury won by a country mile, but Sam gained a very creditable draw on Board 3 to avoid the whitewash. The Sax players certainly put up a good fight and it was not as one-sided a match as the score would suggest. Matthew and Dominic resisted late into the evening, and Dominic could probably have won if he had had a little more time, instead of blundering at the end and having to resign to bring the match to an end. 

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