Sax B on a roll….


Saxmundham B3 – 1Bury St Edmunds C
1Mike Usher17771 – 0Robert Jones1692
2Dominic Carter16511 – 0Rowan Kent1590
3Matthew Lawes-Wickwar13001 – 0Hugo Smith1459
4Lee Osmon13720 – 1Craig Bradshaw1442

Sax B continued their winning ways by beating Bury C in a top-of-the-table clash at Benhall last night. Dominic, Matthew and Mike all won in good fashion to make up for Lee’s early loss.

Matthew is having a great run of games at the moment, and won in style. In the diagramed position, playing Black, he found the excellent 31…Ng4! The game finished 33. Rxe2 Rxe2 34. Nh4 Bf6 35. Nxg4 Bxh4 36. Rf2 Bxf2+ 37. Nxf2 Qf3 38. Qf1 Qe3 39. Kg2 Re1 40. Nd1 Qd2+ 0-1

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