Sax A in tough opener

Sudbury2 – 2Saxmundham A
1Robert Sanders (B)20361 – 0Simon Wilks 1924
2Andrew Donnelly18190 – 1Malcolm Lightfoot1904
3Jakob Tulic16701 – 0John Feavyour1855
4Robert Kent15080 – 1Sam Gaffney1833

The A team began their season with the long trip to Sudbury, and a tense battle ensued, ending in an eventful 2-2 draw.

Simon had a long tussle with his opponent that ended up in a complex double rook and pawn endgame, which somehow slipped away from him. Malcolm had an exciting game, with his opponent grabbing pawns whilst Malcolm went for the King. In the end Malcolm won a Rook and, with his King fatally exposed, his opponent resigned.  John’s loss was then made up for by Sam winning when, in an equal endgame, his opponent  blundered.

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