A Good Start!

The B Team opened its account on Tuesday with an emphatic home win over Bury St Edmunds D, winning all four games:

Saxmundham B 4 – 0 Bury St Edmunds D

  1. Sam Gaffney (B) (1780) 1 – 0 Laureano Garcia (1683)
  2. Mike Usher (1713) 1 – 0 Rob Lepley (1390)
  3. Samuel Allen (E1350) 1 – 0 Diana Meredith (E1200)
  4. Geoffrey Lilley (1053) 1 – 0 Patrick Meredith (E1200)

Samuel was making his OTB debut for the club and found himself playing another debutant (hence the estimated ratings). He soon outplayed his opponent to win comfortably, but Geoffrey was first to finish, winning in even quicker fashion.

The top two boards were longer tussles. Sam gained a winning advantage early on but it took care to reel in the whole point. Mike’s opponent held his own for much of the evening, but seemed to tire towards the end, made a poor move and offered a draw. Mike sensed that the things had changed and played on, and sure enough, as often seems to happen in chess, a poor move was followed by an even worse one. His opponent had to resign just five moves later.

Stronger teams lie ahead, but it was as good a start as we could have hoped for. Congratulations to Samuel for opening his account for the club in such emphatic fashion.