Sax B Back in Action


Saxmundham B2 – 2Woodbridge B
1Mike Usher17841 – 0Alan Lewis1554
2Matthew Lawes-Wickwar16500 – 1Daniel Such1559
3Hugo Brown13331 – 0Harry Elman1400
4Lee Osmon13640 – 1Bernard Ross1291

After the festive break the B Team were back in action last night, playing host to local rivals Woodbridge B. After a long tussle the match ended 2-2 with all the games decisive, with added drama thrown in at the end.

All the games were hotly contested and lasted well into the evening.  Hugo was the first to finish with a good win, followed by Matthew painfully losing, having built up an excellent position and then blundering.

After suffering during the opening, Mike was able to exploit his opponent’s imprecise play to activate his pieces and go on the offensive. As the Woodbridge player grew more desperate, he decided to sacrifice a piece, unsoundly as it turned out, and Mike closed out the game quite easily, despite being short of time.

Meanwhile, on Lee’s board, his opponent had stopped the clock, complaining of an illegal move. With only 45 seconds left on his clock Mike, as Acting Captain, was unwilling to stop whilst the Woodbridge Captain tried to sort things out, but when it became clear they couldn’t resolve the issue he stopped his game in order to help.

The crux of the matter was that when an illegal move is made, the opponent is entitled to have 2 minutes added to his time. This mattered, given that he only had 29 seconds left! The illegality had arisen after he gave Lee’s King a check, but didn’t announce it. Lee, concentrating hard on other parts of the board played an illegal move (i.e. one that did not get out of check). Whilst Lee was miffed that his opponent didn’t announce check, it is not a legal requirement, and many players do not bother to do so, and so the illegality stood.

However, neither Mike or the Woodbridge Captain could remember how to alter the clock to give the player the extra time., which was a little embarrassing. The matter was resolved when Lee sportingly resigned the game, as he was worse and was only playing on because of his opponent’s acute time trouble. You can guess what Mike’s homework was for the evening…..!

A Good Start!

The B Team opened its account on Tuesday with an emphatic home win over Bury St Edmunds D, winning all four games:

Saxmundham B 4 – 0 Bury St Edmunds D

  1. Sam Gaffney (B) (1780) 1 – 0 Laureano Garcia (1683)
  2. Mike Usher (1713) 1 – 0 Rob Lepley (1390)
  3. Samuel Allen (E1350) 1 – 0 Diana Meredith (E1200)
  4. Geoffrey Lilley (1053) 1 – 0 Patrick Meredith (E1200)

Samuel was making his OTB debut for the club and found himself playing another debutant (hence the estimated ratings). He soon outplayed his opponent to win comfortably, but Geoffrey was first to finish, winning in even quicker fashion.

The top two boards were longer tussles. Sam gained a winning advantage early on but it took care to reel in the whole point. Mike’s opponent held his own for much of the evening, but seemed to tire towards the end, made a poor move and offered a draw. Mike sensed that the things had changed and played on, and sure enough, as often seems to happen in chess, a poor move was followed by an even worse one. His opponent had to resign just five moves later.

Stronger teams lie ahead, but it was as good a start as we could have hoped for. Congratulations to Samuel for opening his account for the club in such emphatic fashion.